Hester O Connor

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Hester O Connor Clinical Psychologist has a doctorate in Management from University of Hertfordshire. Hester has a Diploma in Group Analytic Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Hester currently manages a Psychology Service in the Irish Health Service. She previously worked in the NHS and taught at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent UK. Hester has a keen interest in relational approaches to psychotherapy and she runs self-compassion sessions for staff. Hester is trained in Mindfulness and she has been a Heartfulness Trainer for over twenty five years. Hester believes that leading from the heart plays a critical role in achieving harmonious team work and meeting targets.

Hester's Session: Self-compassion for Disrupted Times - Embrace the Hidden Self Regulatory System

Our lives have been severely disrupted by Covid 19. In this session on self-compassion for disrupted times we will learn how evolution has left us with tricky brains designed for our survival not for our happiness.We are not to blame for the way our brains are designed but we can learn the skill of self-compassion which is a key skill for developing mental and emotional fitness. We will learn the key components of self-compassion which are the courage to face our own suffering and the suffering of others and to take responsibility to act to alleviate suffering. We will see how building on self-esteem we can cultivate self-compassion which teaches us to reach out to others who like us share a common humanity. We are in this boat together and we need each other as we navigate the choppy waters of our current times. The skill of self-compassion will help us to manage our tricky brains and as a result help us to navigate these challenging times. We will also get to experience Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation which foster the inner qualities of the heart. The qualities of the heart include compassion, kindness, and deeper connection to self and others.

If you would like to experience Heartfulness Relaxation & Meditation via WhatsApp please text Hester on +353871412749 with your name and WhatsApp number.